Gnap 2.0 PCB or Kit
Gnap 2.0 PCB or Kit

Gnap 2.0 PCB or Kit

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GNAP is not a planck!!! 

Get yourself a GNAPkin because you're drooling at the mouth!

You can choose from these 3 options

  • PCB
  • PCB + electronics
  • PCB + electronics + PCB case.


 We all know that 40% keyboard are the best even though they are hard to get used to. Add the difficulty of switching to ortho-linear and you've got a party.

Take it one step at a time with this staggered layout 40% at a great price. 

Who wants to spend 150 dollars on a layout and size they aren't even sure of, then have to deal with getting rid of it on the mechmarket? This kit might be right for you as you're not blowing up your wallet. 


This will be available soon. No ETA for now. Follow our instagram @KeyboardDweebs for updates.


Check out 40percentclub for more pictures