Dweebs Mini Split Ortho Keyboard / Full Kit (Rev. 1)

Dweebs Mini Split Ortho Keyboard / Full Kit (Rev. 1)

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This is our first Keyboard in our future lineup.

Inspired by the Ergodash, Ergodox, and Corne.

Has the form factor of the Corne, the extra keys by the G and H like the Ergodash, the vertically stagger of the Ergodox, and an extra thumb button on the thumb cluster for a couple more layers, macros, or function keys.


The PCB supports Cherry and ALPS switches, although the plate in the kit will not likely fit alps switches.

Keeping things simple it will not support backlighting. Which may be added in future revisions.

Supports Through hole and SMD Diodes. 1N4148 and 1N4148sw


This Kit will include

  • 2 PCB's (Left and Right / Black)

  • 50 diodes (Choice of Through hole +$1 or SMD)
  • 2 Switch plates and 2 Bottom plates (PCB Material / Black)
  • 2 TRRS Jacks
  • Standoffs and screws

Things you will still need