CRKBD/Helidox/Corne kit (black PCB)

CRKBD/Helidox/Corne kit (black PCB)

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Please remember, this is a group buy! That means you are buying the item is in pre-production. There could be delays in production, and delays in delivery. 
This kit will include the following:
  • 2 Cherry profile Hotswap PCB's (Black)

  • 42 kailh hotswap sockets

  • 2 trrs jacks

  • 2 Pro micros

  • 42 SMD Diodes

  • 2 OLED screens

  • Case (if option is selected)

  • OLED covers (if option is selected)

  • 8mm Standoffs and screws (if case/oled cover option is selected together)


Things you will still need:


Estimated Shipping date will be late July 2019, early August. 


Group buy will end the 22nd of May.